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Can you hear me?
Businesswoman yelling into teleconferencing equipment in conference room

Can you hear me?

Clear audio is at the heart of effective communications.  When the quality is poor, it is frustrating at the best of times, causing confusion, disruption, and time wasting.  But in our current circumstances, with safe working right at the top of everybody’s agenda, it’s never been more important to get it right.

The chances are that a significant percentage of your team will be home working for a while.  And those that are physically present will be seated further away from one another to maintain social distancing.  Organisations must explore how teams can still work effectively even when they’re not actually together, finding a way to continue business, whilst complying with government guidance.  One easy win is to address the issue of the common audio problems that prevent people from fully participating in meetings and discussions. 

Your current tools are no longer good enough

Traditional desk-mounted microphones are no longer fit for purpose.  With the need for several people to speak directly into it, it’s a health risk, as there is no way to prevent it from becoming contaminated with droplets. 

Beamforming microphones may be sufficient for the physical participants, although with having to sit further apart, dead spots may well be more noticeable than before.  As for those dispersed team members joining remotely, the limitations of the technology will soon become clear. It’s unlikely that they will hear – or be heard – effectively, leading to disengagement and barriers to collaborative working. 

There’s a simple solution

The Nureva HDL audio conferencing solutions deliver a seamless, frictionless experience for all participants. Everyone will be switched on, tuned in and heard clearly, whatever the conference call or meeting scenario, and no matter which UC platform they are using.  

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There’s a choice of models to suit the majority of meeting rooms and whichever size you choose, at the heart you’ll find Nureva’s unique patented Microphone Mist technology.  It fills any space with thousands of virtual microphones to provide true full-room pickup.  The result is natural-sounding audio, with the dead zones familiar to those using beamforming technologies disappearing.  Every attendee, present or not,  can be heard in every part of the room and from whatever direction they face.  And distracting background noises such as air conditioning fans or outside traffic are filtered out.

No need for outside contractors to visit site

Government guidance is to minimise the number of external visitors to your site.  The HDL system can be installed with just a screwdriver in about 30 minutes.  Anyone can do it, with no need to bring external contractors onto site. As you change room layouts to accommodate social distancing, or to meet new requirements from the government, the system automatically recalibrates to give the best coverage for the amended layout, with no technical input needed.  Firmware updates are also totally automatic.

Manage all HDL systems from one Console

If your organisation uses multiple HDL systems, Nureva’s cloud-based Console allows the management across multiple locations from a single, secure dashboard.  Whether working on Windows or Mac, this scalable system lets one person configure and maintain all HDL units, regardless of if you have 1 or 10,000.  It’s another tool that supports unnecessary movement around buildings, letting a central administrator check the status from anywhere they are basing themselves.

Choosing the HDL series as your audio conferencing solution supports your safe working strategy that is needed right now, whilst remaining a scalable cornerstone to your collaborative efforts in the long term. 

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