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Recruitment in a post COVID world

Recruitment in a post COVID world

The last five years have been good to the UK recruitment market.  With steady growth and a value of nearly £40 billion* at the end of 2019, things were looking rosy.  Unemployment levels were down to their lowest in 50 years.  

How quickly things can change.  In the space of around 4 months, we now see record-breaking unemployment claims and a projected increase in the jobless that nearly triples where we were last year.

History gives us reasons to be positive

It’s important to remember the reason behind the figures is a pandemic rather than a recession caused by market instability.  The stock market was incredibly strong before COVID-19 hit.  Many economists are predicting a reasonably fast bounce back as things start to normalise and confidence returns.  And with that bounce back, the need for recruitment will start to flourish again.

Things will be different

That’s not to say that we can go back to how we did things before. Unnecessary face to face meetings will be restricted for the foreseeable future.  And so as organisations start to recruit once more, they will need to have invested in alternative ways of conducting effective interviews.  

A change to the old ways is not necessarily a bad thing, as there were some very inefficient practices in recruitment.  From having to sift through a mountain of CVs to sorting out the arrangements for numerous candidates to be slotted in for interview, it has typically been a time consuming and expensive process.

Reduce time to hire by 50%

Flabba is a tool designed to make recruitment more efficient.  It is an intelligent video-enabled SaaS platform that provides not just video conferencing, but essential business workflow facilities.  

These include one way or two-way video, document sharing and management that is available after the meeting has finished, interview recording and transcription, and meeting archiving and reporting, all in a single platform. 

It cuts waste from the recruitment process by helping you to find candidates faster, pre-qualifying them, and creating shortlists for video interviews. Admin time spent on gathering documents and making calls is slashed, remote interviews are carried out efficiently with an accurate view of the people you are engaging with, and you can easily review the interview with colleagues at your leisure. It’s all totally secure – so secure in fact, that it is approved by the Home Office.

Flabba is an adaptable solution supporting all types of workflows found other HR business activities too, such as appraisals, and provides a safe alternative to face to face meetings. 

 *Source: Recruitment and Employment Confederation

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