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Ascentae Green Room

Welcome to the Green Room.

This meeting room contains a Microsoft Teams Room and Kramer Via Go for screen sharing.
Ascentae | MS Teams

Microsoft Teams - Setup Guide

The MTR is controlled via the touch panel on the table.

  1. Invite the room to the meeting. Search for Green Room MTR in Active Directory or email [email protected]
  2. Your meeting will appear in the calendar on the touch panel.
  3. To launch your call, simply hit the ‘Start’ button.
  4. Whilst in call, you can adjust volume, turn your camera on/off, or mute your microphone through the touch panel.
  5. You can share data by pressing the ‘Share’ button
Ascentae | MS Teams

Microsoft Teams Room – Sharing Data

You can wirelessly share data locally and in calls by pressing the ‘Share’ button on the touch control of the MTR.

Up to 2 people can share at the same time.

The screen will display the interface of the Kramer Via Go system.

Open a browser on your PC and enter the address in the bottom right corner of the display.

You will be presented with a menu to share using the VIA app (if you have it installed) or using your browser.

We recommend using your browser as follows:

Select ‘Join through browser’.

Enter your name and then the 4-digit Room Code shown on the screen.

Once paired, you have the option to select which content you want to share, or you can select your entire screen.  Once you have selected the appropriate content, hit the ‘Share’ button to push it to the screen.

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