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Ascentae Innovation Room

Welcome to the Innovation Hub.

The space is designed for presentations for both groups of people in the Experience Centre and remote participants. The space contains a 120” LED wall, with an Microsoft Teams Room. The MTR has 2 cameras attached – a front facing unit, and a secondary camera pointing back at the screen and presenter. You can also share content locally using the Android player built into the LED wall.
Ascentae | MS Teams

Microsoft Teams - Setup Guide

For video calls & screen sharing, you should use the MTR.

The MTR is controlled via the touch panel on the table.

  1. Invite the room to the meeting.Search for The Innovation Hub MTR in Active Directory or email [email protected]
  2. Your meeting will appear in the calendar on the touch panel.
  3. To launch your call, simply hit the ‘Start’ button.
  4. Whilst in call, you can adjust volume, turn your camera on/off, or mute your microphone through the touch panel.
  5. You can share data by pressing the ‘Share’ button.Data sharing is delivered via the Screenbeam wireless sharing system.

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