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Unlocking Efficiency: Why Microsoft Teams Hardware Certification Matters for Hybrid Working in Today’s Digital Workspace

Unlocking Efficiency: Why Microsoft Teams Hardware Certification Matters for Hybrid Working in Today’s Digital Workspace

The prevalence of hybrid working means organisations are having to get smarter with their digital workspace. With 320 million monthly active users globally, Microsoft Teams is the commanding player in the Unified Communications (UC) space. This makes Microsoft Teams Certification an increasingly important factor for leaders seeking solutions for effective team communications, visual collaboration and productivity.

Microsoft Teams Certification Supports Organisational Efficiency, From Executive Level to End Users

Microsoft Certified digital workplace solutions help to deliver performance and efficiency advantages right across the board. Executives and leaders have the reassurance their organisation will be investing in high quality hardware and software – robust and reliable products which have gone through a stringent series of checks to meet the rigorous Microsoft Teams standard. Certified solutions which are simple to upgrade and easy to scale as needs change. Simple set up and configuration for video conferencing with Microsoft Certified solutions means Facilities Managers and IT personnel spend less time dealing with installation issues or supporting participants in the room, before and during smart meetings. This gives back time to leaders and IT teams to focus on more strategic and productive tasks. The ‘plug and play’ approach of Microsoft Teams Certified solutions means employees and other end users can get hybrid meetings started quickly, running smoothly and free from needless distractions. Employees can better focus on their work, projects and collaborating with others. The IT department receives fewer support calls or complaints, and managers can get their teams concentrating on different projects. Savings in time and money all support improved efficiency, higher performance and a healthier bottom line. In addition, it creates a great smart impression with visitors, customers and guests joining hybrid meetings being run with Microsoft Teams.

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The Efficiency Advantages of Using Hybrid Working Hardware Certified for Microsoft Teams

Quality Assurance Minimises Risk

Smart workplace and hybrid working solutions have to undergo rigorous testing to meet Microsoft Certification performance standards. This gives peace of mind and security around investment, integration and installation. The hardware is regarded by Microsoft as robust, reliable and worthy of its recommendation. This makes product buying decisions simpler and reduces the risks of repair or replacement costs down the line.

Easy to Install and Set Up

Microsoft Teams Certification is about making the hybrid working and hybrid meeting experience better for people, from start to finish. Microsoft Certified hardware is validated as easy to install and requires no extra configuration: the time-saving plug and play approach to technology. For example, Nureva’s HDL410 – the first microphone and speaker bar solution certified for extra-large Microsoft Teams Rooms – can be installed in under an hour. The innovative audio system automatically calibrates to the room’s acoustic properties at first start-up and continuously afterwards. No echo, no distortion, no glitches. Huddly offer USB plug-and-play connectivity, making visual collaboration easy whether using a dedicated meeting setup or BYOD. Hassle-free technology avoids wasted time and lets employees concentrate on their work, team projects and daily productivity.

Easy to Use for Employees

Hybrid working hardware officially certified for use with Microsoft Teams Rooms makes life easy for the end user. Easy to start, easy to operate. No more waiting for IT to set up equipment each time there is a meeting. No more annoying waits for the tech to work properly. The removal of tech frustrations and unnecessary distractions helps employees to work more productively.

Seamless Integration with the Microsoft Ecosystem

A Microsoft Certified audio visual solution guarantees compatibility with the broader suite of Microsoft tools. This helps to make team communications, visual collaboration, video conferencing, hybrid meetings and project productivity more efficient. Employees can organise, start and stay fully engaged in smart meetings all from within the Microsoft Teams platform. Meeting participants can access Microsoft tools, share documents and engage in chat conversations without having to leave Microsoft Teams or open up separate applications.

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Everything is kept in one space, or user interface, for ease, speed and greater efficiency. Video and audio optimised for the most productive and most immersive hybrid working experience.

Smooth Integration with Other Smart Workplace Technology

Microsoft Certified hardware, optimised for Microsoft Teams, integrates neatly with other Certified digital workspace solutions. It’s why Nureva’s audio solutions and Huddly smart cameras make such a strong combination. Put Nureva and Huddly together with Microsoft-endorsed ultra-wide 21:9 display solutions from Jupiter and you have an efficient, flexible and powerful set up for video conferencing, team collaboration, presentation or Town Hall gatherings. Smart solutions are available for any size of space, divisible rooms or Microsoft Signature Teams Room configuration. Some digital workspace technologies, not yet Microsoft Certified, still deliver powerful efficiency through seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. For example, GoBright offers easy desk, locker, parking space and room booking. Employees can book what they need without leaving their Microsoft Teams environment thanks to GoBright’s platform integration and Outlook plug-in synchronisation.

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