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Introducing a Smart Starting Point for How to Deliver Digital Transformation

Introducing a Smart Starting Point for How to Deliver Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a short and simple buzz phrase but implementing it is more complex. For organisations, it presents challenges around the workspace, meetings, communications and collaboration. So, how do you know where to begin?

Watch this 2-minute video to find out more. Ascentae Managing Director Jon Knight offers his perspective and Product Manager Simon Privett suggests a simple, yet smart, start point.

Digital Transformation – A Starting Point


Speaker Jon Knight

So, digital transformation is one of those phrases that you can see is already making me smile because it’s being used by so many different organisations and industries within the technology world.

Digital transformation means different things to different people and it’s kind of an amalgamation of what people used to refer to as the paperless office.

The reality is, the paperless office is extremely challenging to actually deliver in the real world and digital transformation is something that means different things to different people.

Speaker Simon Privett

GoBright’s room and desk booking technology allows the organisation to gather vast amounts of data on how their employees are using the facilities.

This could be, for example, the type of meeting rooms that are being used, how commonly used these spaces are, or even the types of trends as to how people are using these rooms, what sort of services they’re booking for them, and so on, and the purpose.

By being able to leverage this data, the organisation can always ensure that the building is responding and catering for the activities and needs of the business as it evolves over time.

Speaker Jon Knight

In our particular case, what we’re saying with digital transformation is there must be a better way of working other than covering whiteboards and walls with flipchart paper, sticky notes, roll around whiteboards, people taking photos of those so that they can then send it to their colleagues…

… people having spent days typing up content from a large project room into a tool like Visio, for example, and taking two weeks to do it.

And then dispersing that to their team that have participated in that meeting only for everyone to either ignore it or not even remember what was said at the time.

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