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How Technology is Creating a Better Smart Meeting and Office Experience for Employees (and Visitors) in the Hybrid Workplace

How Technology is Creating a Better Smart Meeting and Office Experience for Employees (and Visitors) in the Hybrid Workplace

Whilst managing the hybrid workplace presents many challenges, it also provides organisations with opportunities to deliver a great experience for employees.

That’s important because it encourages people into the office, raises their engagement levels, and enhances productivity and collaboration.

Hybrid workplace technologies combined with data analysis also allow organisations to manage workspaces and smart meetings in a more efficient and cost effective way.

Offering Hybrid Workplace Flexibility and Convenience

Workers can become frustrated and distracted when they struggle to find a desk or meeting room when they come to the office.

Smart desk booking systems make it simple for users to check availability and book the space they want online, based on their personal preferences, work style and needs. The system updates changes or cancellations in real-time for greater efficiency.

Small details matter. For example, GoBright technology remembers a user’s standing desk preferences (adjusting the height automatically for optimal comfort) and can visually signal ‘Do not disturb’ to others for maximum focus.

Room booking systems operate in similar fashion. They simplify the process of finding, reserving and using the most appropriate space for different types of smart meeting.

With GoBright, employees can book a room, invite a visitor, arrange AV equipment, and order catering straight from their smartphone. Convenience and flexibility empowers employees to work smarter, faster and more efficiently in the hybrid workplace.

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Making Hybrid Workplace Collaboration Easier

Hybrid working presents particular collaboration challenges. Smart meeting technologies make it easier for teams and groups to come together, share ideas and work as one.

Room booking systems like GoBright allow employees to easily see the available space, schedule meetings, invite attendees and manage resources. The streamlined process saves time, minimises distractions and lets people focus on the task.

Smart meetings feel more engaging and energised. The hybrid workplace atmosphere feels more vibrant and positive. It all helps to raise productivity and performance.

Promoting Better Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Introducing and leveraging hybrid workplace technologies demonstrates to employees and visitors how much you value them.

Intelligent desk booking systems with real-time information help employees to quickly find and reserve a workspace, near or next to a colleague of choice. Time and effort saved.

GoBright combines this with visitor management systems which streamline the check-in process, and offer a smooth smart meeting experience for employees, guests and visitors the moment they enter the door.

Providing a digital reception service with secure Smartphone sign in and automated badge printing, digital signage with key information, and waymarking to help people find their way, are all ways to create a great first impression and make people feel valued.

Being able to save time and reduce hassle enables employees to focus on their core tasks. This tends to boost their productivity, performance and overall job satisfaction.

Data-Driven Insights for Greater Hybrid Workplace Efficiency

For leaders and managers in an organisation, intelligent hybrid workplace technologies gather data to assist with operational and budgetary efficiency.

With GoBright, as well as real-time information for monitoring who’s in and who’s out, data about use of space, smart meeting patterns and visitor traffic can be analysed over time to optimise workspace.

Underused areas can be repurposed. Types and size of meeting space can be reconfigured to better match demand. Trends can inform strategic decision-making about smarter ways to run the hybrid workplace.

That’s not only good for maximising efficiency and minimising costs. It also sends a clear signal to your people that you value their comfort and quality of environment.

Why the Smarter Hybrid Workplace is Paying Off

Managing the hybrid workplace and smart meeting space in the office successfully is key to efficiency, collaboration and productivity.

Without intelligent hybrid workplace technology in place, organisations risk communications breakdowns, confusion and unwanted chaos.

Leveraging flexible, intelligent and data-minded solutions provides a better experience for employees and visitors, greater efficiency and enhanced productivity. With fewer distractions and frustrations, people can focus on their tasks, feel more engaged and work more collaboratively with team members.

It gives your best employees more reasons to stay – and for fresh talent to join your organisation.

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