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The Facilities Show 2023: Demonstrating How Workspace Technology Supports Hybrid Working

The Facilities Show 2023: Demonstrating How Workspace Technology Supports Hybrid Working

Facilities Managers are often the leaders tasked with finding smart workplace solutions.

Organisations want flexible working that works; to keep their employees productive, happy and collaborating well for greater productivity; and to achieve greater cost efficiency.

Just some of the reasons why thousands of Facilities Managers flocked to the 2023 Facilities Show at ExCel London.

It gave FMs an opportunity to explore the latest technology and innovations. A chance to speak with experts about how tech can best support the smart workplace, facilities management, workplace data analytics, and making the most of available workspace.

The Ascentae team was at the GoBright stand to listen to the challenges Facilities Managers face and offer advice about how to overcome them.

Here’s What Facilities Managers are Saying

The Ascentae team enjoyed having many conversations with Facilities Managers and other attendees at the show.

The video below summarises the key talking points FMs raised around hybrid working, the smart workplace, facilities management, workplace data and workspace utilisation.

Ascentae’s conversations with Facilities Managers revealed five key themes and challenges.

1. Hybrid Working is Here – and Here to Stay

Organisations accepted that hybrid working is here and will be in the future. They want to know how to make it work successfully.

2. Encouraging and Supporting Employees Back to the Office

With home working and remote working so prevalent, Facilities Managers expressed concerns about how to get employees back into the office. They wanted to discover how to give employees a better experience in the office than at home.

FMs got to see how GoBright’s desk booking, room booking and visitor management solutions help to create that better user experience.

3. How to Maximise Workplace Utilisation and Improve Cost Efficiency

As well as wanting to support employees, companies looking to implement new offices wanted to understand what technology they can use to get the most out of their office. How could they ensure their building was operating in the most efficient way?

4. Using Workplace Data to Drive Smarter Decision-Making

Organisations are increasingly trying to be more data driven and develop more deliberate AV strategies – rather than relying on guesswork.

Facilities Managers were shown how data from a desk booking, room booking and visitor management solution like GoBright could help improve decisions and efficiencies around workspace management and design, occupancy rates, workplace utilisation, cleaning regimes, catering and costs.

5. How to Improve Integration for a Better User Experience

FMs said they wanted to improve the quality of the overall platform for the business, and integrate everything into one app for their users.

And these are just five of the challenges organisations face today.

Investing in the right software and hardware – which offer quality, flexibility and ease of use – is key. Technology solutions from providers like GoBright help to create a better workplace environment and encourage people to come back into the office.

Learn more about the smart workplace.

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