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Huddly IQ. A smart camera for smaller space.

Huddly IQ features a 4K sensor, wide-angle lens, and optional microphone array to ensure everyone is seen and heard. The camera intelligently frames participants and offers room analytics.

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HUddly iq
Huddly IQ

Simply great.

The Huddly IQ offers 150° wide-angle video, groundbreaking AI capabilities, and, optionally, an embedded 5-element microphone array, to deliver a video enabled meeting experience like no other.
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Genius framing.

The Huddly IQ intelligently frames people in the room with Genius Framing. Now more responsive and accurate than ever.
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Genuis framing

The camera detects the people in its entire field of view and intelligently frames them for the best experience.

Insights analytics API

Detect and count the people within the meeting room, with high-quality analytics data accessible via the Huddly InSights API.

Software upgradeable

The camera gets even smarter over time with regular software enhancements and new intelligent features.

Image enhancement

The GO automatically corrects white balance, color, and optical aberration.

Portrait lighting

AI is used to understand the lighting conditions in the image. Automatically adjusting exposure to ensure that faces are well-lit and facial expressions are clearly visible.

Digital pan / title / zoom

The GO has no moving parts, allowing Pan, Tilt, and Zoom functions to be adjusted smoothly, silently and instantly.

Be seen AND heard.

Designed for huddle, small, and medium meeting spaces, the Huddly IQ ensures that everyone is seen and heard when it matters. With Genius Framing, the camera can intelligently detect and frame the participants in its field of view, ensuring all meeting participants feel connected.
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Data and analytics

Huddly Insights

With the Huddly InSights analytics API, Huddly cameras provide organisations with high-quality meeting room analytics data that, when enabled by platform providers, can help to support future decisions on meeting space usage.
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