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Nureva HDL310

Nureva HDL310 audio conferencing system.

The HDL310 system delivers pro AV performance without the cost and complexity of a custom pro AV system. It combines a powerful connect module with one integrated microphone and speaker bar to offer advanced processing and premium features for rooms up to 30' x 30' (9.1 x 9.1 m).
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Nureva HDL310
Nureva HDL310
NUreva HDL310

Next Generation Audio pick-up with Microphone Mist

Like all Nureva® systems, the HDL310 is powered by patented Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills a space with thousands of virtual microphones for true full-room audio coverage. Because the HDL310’s connect module has greater processing power and expanded memory, it unlocks more advanced audio capabilities within the technology – made possible by new algorithms that offer improved echo cancellation, speaker EQ and noise reduction.
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Voice amplification mode.

Voice Amplification Mode is designed to work in typical meeting spaces using the HDL300, Dual HDL300, HDL310 and HDL410 systems, amplifying the presenter’s voice through both microphone and speaker bars.

When a wireless headset microphone system is connected to the HDL310, the voice of the person wearing the mic will broadcast through the system speakers for those in the room. In-room workers have the added benefit of amplified speaker voice, and UCC sharing ensures remote participants continue to have a great listening experience.
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Nureva HDL410
Nureva HDL310

Advanced audio for large spaces.

Fill your spaces with thousands of virtual microphones, so every voice is picked up, everywhere. Patented Microphone Mist technology is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get full-room audio coverage in larger spaces – and it’s only available from Nureva.

Intelligent Sound Targeting

The HDL310 uses adaptive learning algorithms to pre-emptively ignore persistent unwanted sounds like HVAC.

Position-based gain control

The intelligent system applies gain separately to each sound, which enables specific optimisations that create a natural listening experience.

Simultaneous processing

Simultaneous processing of all virtual microphones ensures that conversations sound natural even when more than one person is speaking at the same time.

Voice Amplification Mode

oice amplification mode with the addition of audience mute, lets presenters use a headset mic to amplify their voice in the room.

Camera tracking

Camera tracking enables the use of precise sound location data to steer and switch third-party cameras.

Integrated processing

The HDL310 requires no separate DSP as all processing is integrated into the system.

Console Direct

Offers a secure, 24/7 network connection to Nureva Console without the need for an in-room PC

NUreva console

Control audio from a distance with the Nureva console.

If you're a larger organisation, Nureva's cloud-based Console allows the management of multiple HDL systems across multiple locations from a single, secure dashboard. Whether working on Windows or Mac, this scalable system lets one person configure and maintain all HDL units, regardless of if you have 1 or 10,000. It's another tool that supports unnecessary movement around buildings, letting a central administrator check the status from anywhere they are basing themselves and means a minimal need for IT staff to visit meeting spaces.
Nureva Console