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Ascentae Opens New Experience Centre in the Creative Heart of London – and 5 Great Reasons to Visit

Ascentae Opens New Experience Centre in the Creative Heart of London – and 5 Great Reasons to Visit

Ascentae is launching a new Experience Centre in London to showcase the latest smart workplace technology for the hybrid working world.

The centre opens its doors on the 5th February in Farringdon – a fashionable district known for its culture, creativity and easy connectivity to the rest of the capital.

Here are just five great reasons to arrange a visit.

1. See the Complete Range of Smart Workplace Technology in One Place

There are many products and hybrid working solutions out there.

This is an opportunity to see and experience for yourself the whole range of smart workplace technology recommended by Ascentae – all in one place.

You’ll discover solutions for desk booking, room booking, digital wayfinding, digital signage, ultra-wide 21:9 displays, high quality meeting room audio, smart cameras, visual collaboration, Microsoft Teams integration and more.

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2. Experience a Personalised Visit Tailored to Your Needs

The Experience Centre in Great Sutton Street, Farringdon, is possible through our partnership with smart storage providers Your Workspace.

The space is designed to give you a sense of how different smart technology can support different kinds – and sizes – of workspace. Think office hot desk arrangement, huddle room, team collaboration zone, video conferencing room and Microsoft Teams Signature Room.

When you arrange a visit with Ascentae, we will plan and tailor your day around what’s most important to you. You’ll enjoy a personalised tour, customised product demonstrations and experience first-hand how different solutions work together.

3. Enjoy a Demonstration of How Smart Technology Supports Hybrid Working

It’s one thing to browse or scroll through a glossy website for a smart workplace technology product.

It’s entirely another thing to see how that product works in real life and for different scenarios. There is no better way to see a solution put through its paces than with a live demonstration.

At Ascentae’s Experience Centre, you get to do just that.

Our team can introduce you to some very exciting and innovative technology for the smart workplace, intelligent meeting rooms and visual collaboration. We love the solutions available from GoBright, Nureva, Huddly, Jupiter, Nialli, Lumens and more.

We think you will be impressed.

You can see the technology in action for yourself at the Experience Centre – and make up your own mind.

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4. Explore Product Combinations to Discover Integrated AV, Video Conferencing, Visual Collaboration and Smart Meeting Solutions

The beauty of the way the Experience Centre is designed, is it mirrors the typical spaces found in a hybrid working office.

Yes, you can see individual brands, products and models in action. And you can focus on one or more of those as part of your customised visit.

However, the big advantage of the Experience Centre is you can experience how different products work together to deliver a more immersive, equitable and engaging hybrid working experience.

See how smart cameras by Huddly and Lumens work with ultra-wide 21:9 displays by Jupiter and Nureva audio – to create a high quality and easy-to-use video conferencing set-up.

See how Nialli Planner supports team projects, planning, creative sessions and visual collaboration when viewed on Jupiter’s sharp and stunning display screens.

See how smart cameras, Microsoft-certified audio and ultra-wide 21:9 displays help you to design Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms.

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5. Get All Your Questions Answered by the Experts

Visiting the Experience Centre will help you see different products, explore solutions and discover ways to future-proof your smart workplace.

You’ll also be in the capable hands of the Ascentae team – experts in hybrid working solutions.

During your visit you can get all your questions answered and seek advice about what is right for you and your organisation.

Book Your Visit to Ascentae’s Experience Centre in London

The doors to Ascentae’s new Experience Centre are now open.

Take the opportunity to experience it for yourself.

See the full range of products. Explore different hybrid working solutions for the smart workplace, intelligent meeting room and visual collaboration.

Book here for your visit and personalised tour.

Get in touch with Ascentae.