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Huddly Crew Multi-Camera System Becomes the Latest Huddly Hybrid Working Solution to Achieve Microsoft Teams Certification

Huddly Crew Multi-Camera System Becomes the Latest Huddly Hybrid Working Solution to Achieve Microsoft Teams Certification

Huddly has done it again.

Its Huddly Crew AI-powered multi-camera system has joined the ranks of Microsoft Teams certified cameras.

With Microsoft Teams the ‘go to’ platform for hybrid meetings, visual collaboration and project communications in so many organisations, having this seal of approval demonstrates that Huddly Crew is a robust, reliable and high quality solution.

Huddly Crew adds to the Huddly range of Microsoft Teams certified camera solutions for any size of meeting space. It joins the likes of Huddly L1, Huddly S1, Huddly IQ and Huddly Canvas.

Why Huddly Cameras are Designed to Enhance the Microsoft Teams Room Experience

The transition to hybrid working and smart meetings has seen a big rise in the use of Microsoft Teams by organisations.

Because it is the platform of choice for so many – with a reported 320 million active users worldwide – the AV and video conferencing industry has had to take note.

Microsoft’s vision is to create the best hybrid meeting experience for its users, whether in the office or working remotely. The development of Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) is part of that vision.

It’s all about ensuring everyone is seen, everyone is heard and everyone feels engaged to participate in meetings. Huddly has understood this and designed smart AI-powered camera solutions for small, medium, large and extra large rooms. Every size of space is covered.

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Creating a Dynamic Microsoft Teams Room Experience

Microsoft Teams Rooms helps to create a deeper connection between smart meeting attendees in the room and those taking part remotely. The purpose is to develop better engagement, communications and visual collaboration.

Regular users will be familiar with the Front Row layout. This allows remote participants to be seen on the display in the meeting room at room level – and give them greater meeting equity – alongside shared content, chat messages and raised hands.

Organisations can also design dedicated smart meeting space with Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms. This includes aspects such as the room design, décor and furniture, and equipment such as display screens, audio solutions and smart cameras.

Huddly cameras integrate and play well with high quality audio solutions from the likes of Nureva and high resolution ultra-wide 21:9 displays from Jupiter, for example.

How Huddly Crew Delivers the Hollywood Effect for Hybrid Meetings in Medium, Large and Extra Large Rooms

You may have discovered that some AV cameras look to bigger megapixel counts to achieve better image quality. But Huddly Crew takes things to another level. It adds a touch of Hollywood movie magic to create an immersive hybrid meeting experience for all attendees, both in the room and remote.

Huddly Crew is an AI-powered multi-camera system that automatically directs and edits the action in real time – just like a director does behind the scenes of a live show.

It’s the next best thing to having everyone in the room. It’s the smart workplace way to collaborate and connect in video conferencing and hybrid meetings.

If you only have one standard camera in the room you only get one viewpoint. This could result in some people’s faces being hidden, others having to lean forward or back, unnecessary distractions or challenges in reading individual responses to the conversation.

For medium and larger meeting rooms, Huddly Crew has all people covered.

With a multi-camera arrangement, with three or four carefully placed cameras, you can get more of a true to life view of the meeting. It’s the closest thing to having everyone in the room.

The cameras capture different viewpoints. Then Huddly Director, an AI-based feature that operates directly on the cameras, edits the meeting action in real time.

Huddly Crew’s ability to switch shots means you can keep attention on the speaker, pick up non-verbal reactions from listeners, show what’s being written on whiteboards or flipcharts, or provide a wider audience shot. Being able to see gestures and small facial expressions helps to gauge engagement and energy levels, and people’s responses to ideas.

Small details which make all the difference to the intelligent meeting room experience in the hybrid working workplace.

Why It Is Important for Organisations to Look Out for Microsoft Teams Certification

Microsoft Teams Certification gives users confidence that a product or solution has gone through a strict quality assurance process and made the grade.

What Microsoft is saying with certification is you can trust the product to be good quality, reliable, simple to use and easy to integrate with Microsoft Teams Rooms. It’s going to play nicely and help you to deliver a great hybrid meeting experience.

Huddly Crew is now the latest solution from Huddly AI-driven cameras to gain certification.

Ideally suited for medium, large and XL rooms, Huddly Crew offers simple set up, USB plug and play across major platforms, and intelligent premium 6K resolution cameras for any space. The innovative adaptable hardware and software updates make for easy upgrades and scalability.

More and more organisations are running their smart workplaces with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms. It makes good sense to choose supporting hybrid working technology designed to work well with this increasingly popular platform.

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