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Why Hybrid Working Demands Good Quality Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions

Why Hybrid Working Demands Good Quality Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions

For many organisations today, the big question is not “Are we going to do hybrid working?” but “How will we make hybrid working work for us?”

In the smart workplace, the value of creating intelligent meeting rooms which allow people to communicate, create and collaborate effectively cannot be overemphasised. The ability to connect, engage and bridge the gap between remote and in-person participants rests largely with technologies – particularly the quality of audio and video conferencing solutions.

Getting Everyone Heard in Hybrid Meetings

With the smart workplace technology available today, the sight of a table microphone and cables – or everyone huddled around one laptop – seems old hat.

The meeting room conversation should be about ideas, projects, collaboration and progress rather than grumbles about not being able to hear – or be heard.

Using high quality solutions, such as speaker bars with Microphone Mist™ technology from Nureva, allows clear and immersive communications to take place. No distractions, just productive and engaging time for every team.

Consistency is key. Each intelligent meeting room, large or small, needs everyone to be able to hear – even when noisy air con is running – so it feels like they are all together.

Ensuring Everyone is Seen in the Intelligent Meeting Room

To make the hybrid meeting experience as close to a fully in-person meeting as possible, choosing a high quality smart camera set up is the only way to go.

People want to be able to see other participants and their faces clearly.

Advanced AI-driven video conferencing camera systems like Huddly can capture facial expressions, gestures and body language – and adjust focus or angle to deliver the best image. This enables better communications and understanding throughout the room.

The technology is so good that remote participants can feel fully present and experience immersive interaction with the rest of the team. It’s the next best thing to a face-to-face conversation.

Smart camera solutions deliver high quality images together with clever functionality, to allow an organisation’s talent to work with focus, creative visual collaboration, and efficiency.

Experience Sound and Vision in Hybrid Working Harmony

It may be tempting to consider audio and then look at the visual side of hybrid working for smart meeting rooms, or vice versa. However, seeking a solution in isolation may end up costing you more – or create more headaches – down the line.

The right combination of products will deliver seamless audio and visual experiences, facilitate productive meetings and foster a sense of inclusivity among team members, regardless of their physical location.

When doing your research, ask questions around simple setting-up, ease of use, quality of audio and video image, data collection capabilities and future proofing.

What is the support like? Can a software upgrade save having to replace hardware? Is it possible to scale in phases to budget? Does the product brand listen to customers and continually refine its offerings?

Ultimately, organisations want technology that makes life easier without fuss – and solutions that integrate well and play nicely together. Nureva audio works well with both Huddly and Aver camera systems.

Smart video conferencing audio and camera solutions will happily serve users, whether using Microsoft Teams or Google Meet video meetings.

New Technologies are a Hybrid Working Gamechanger

In today’s dynamic environment, organisations that embrace the power of audio and camera solutions for intelligent meeting rooms can unlock the full potential of hybrid working.

Crystal-clear audio ensures everyone’s voice is heard. Sharp video conferencing camera technology ensures everyone is seen. It’s the closest thing to classic face-to-face interaction. Distance?… What distance?

Seamless and smart video conferencing solutions create outstanding audio and video experiences for people. They bridge the gap between remote and in-person colleagues, fostering collaboration, inclusivity and creative productivity.

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