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8 Safe working challenges solved...in one platform

A solution for complying with multiple clauses in the Government guidance document.
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GOBRIGHT working challenges

See how GoBright soves these 8 working challenges

Business leaders everywhere are conducting their risk assessments so that we can resume working life. Each organisation may be different but one thing is certain for all. Before workers return, leaders must ensure safe and hygienic workplaces that comply with the government guidance.
From controlling desk occupancy and meeting rooms, through to creating a flow system for visitors, there are a myriad of risk areas that have to be addressed.
Social distancing is likely to be a factor of our everyday lives for months, if not years. For any safe working system to work, it must be simple to manage and sustainable over the long term.
And ideally, it should form the cornerstone of flexible working practices that build resilience into any long term workspace strategy. A platform that will continue to support the organisation once Covid-19 has finally been consigned to history.
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  • Access
  • Manage occupancy
  • Cleaning
  • Arrival times
  • Visitors
  • Control occupancy
GoBright Hot Desk Booking

Control occupancy

Staff can use the GoBright app or web portal to book a desk before leaving for work. Only ‘bookable’ desks can be chosen – those that are clean, not facing each other, and at the specified distance from others. The status of each desk is clearly visible in the physical location thanks to the Desk Connect on-desk module. The employee has re-assurance that a safe desk will be available on arrival.

Social distancing

Impractically small meetings rooms can be closed make them invisible to booking, whilst larger rooms can have their maximum occupancy levels reduced as chairs are removed. Employees searching for a room in GoBright will only be shown those that can safely accommodate the number of in-person attendees. Closing off specific desks in open areas ensures only workspaces 2m apart are available for booking. Closed desk can be brought back online quickly as polices change.
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GoBright Helps Businesses Socially Distance

Stagger arrival times

Flexible choice of desk booking start times allows organisations to encourage staggered arrival of their employees. This avoids unsafe congregation in building entrances/key walking routes, and ensures the desk remains available at the employee’s new start/end time.
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Manage visitors

Ask your staff members to pre-register their visitors, so that the receptionist can ensure total visitors do not exceed the daily maximum. On arrival, rapid sign in/out can be done by the visitor by scanning their personal QR code, with minimal screen contact. Signing in and out can be contactless, as pre-registered visitors can also be signed in/out by reception staff from GoBright portal visitor list.
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GoBright Visitor Management

Manage occupancy

Use the analytics within GoBright to monitor both live and historical data on desk and room use. Monitor occupancy stats of desk spaces, to understand how staff are using the office on specific days/time periods, so organisations can open/close floors as required. Monitor the occupancy over time to adjust workplace policies such as staff in-office rotas, or a phased to the office.

Restrict access

Close off whole areas, floors or even buildings with GoBright. It means that spaces that are not suitable due to social distancing rules become invisible on the booking system. This also ensures overcrowding is not possible, as only staff with a desk booking can be permitted to work in office.


Co-ordinate cleaning

Allow hot-desking and short-duration desk bookings safely with an automated desk cleaning policy between use. Once a desk has been vacated, GoBright will illuminate the desk purple to notify the cleaner (and warn the users not to use until clean), so the space can be quickly sanitised before being made available again.


Create one way workflows

Once in the building, both staff and visitors can reference GoBright’s wayfinding function, a simple way of providing route guidance to meeting spaces to ensure those in the building don’t take a wrong turn. Wayfinding, is a simple way to create safe one way systems around the building.
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GoBright Software
GoBright Software

The GoBright portal software

You can store all your licenses and user preferences in your portal. The portal integrates Digital registration with Active Directory and GoBright room booking. The portal also shows an overview of the number of people in the building at any one time making it a useful tool in case of emergencies.
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