Putting everyone on screen

The award-winning Evoko Groupie is a portable wide-angle illumination lens that can be attached to any device. Ideal for use in meetings and conference calls, the lens makes all participants clearly visible with a wider field of view. For the ultimate virtual, visible communication, Groupie puts everyone on screen. Even people’s body language can be seen as the view is so much larger to go way beyond the typical ‘talking heads’ shots.

Sticks to all devices

Evoko Groupie is easy to attach over the existing camera on any computer, tablet or smartphone. The robust design of the microsuction mount pad allows it to stick easily to any communications device. Once the meeting is over it can simply be removed and transported to the next venue.  The ambient light sensor adjusts the light automatically to compensate for meetings in poorly lit rooms. Get clear communication with less meeting disruption.


Microsuction material stays attached to the screen of a device for a minimum of 4 hours

Optics & Illumincation

8 LED lights up to 13 Lumen. The ultra-wide angle lens provides 151 degrees’ angle of vision

Battery & Charging

Easily charge via USB. 3.5 hours charge = 3.6 to 13.5 hours off lighting

EvokoNo matter where you are…

Widen Your Horizons

Evoko Groupie is a portable wide angle illumination lens that you can attach to any device. It sticks easily on to the existing camera – enlarging and lightening up the field of view. Ideal for use in meetings, the lens makes all participants clearly visible, widening the field of view to fit everyone, including showing their body language.

Multi-purpose Mount

Evoko Groupie sticks to all devices. The micro-suction mount pad makes it easy to attach over the existing camera on computers, tablets or smartphones and the lens is able to stay attached to the screen for four hours (tested up to 24 hours). The optics incorporate an ultra-wide angle lens with a 151 degrees angle of vision and the illumination is provided by 8 LED lights with up to 13 Lumen. Charging the Evoko Groupie is simple, 3.5-hour charge via USB will provide up to 13.5 hours of lighting depending on the mode.

More Effective Communication

The extensive field of view provided by Evoko Groupie is impressive. Communication will be far more effective, as images are clearer and all participants in the video conference can be seen by the viewer. The quality of the picture is guaranteed, the device even provides light enhancement in dark surroundings as the ambient light sensor adjusts to the light automatically.

You can take Evoko Groupie with you, wherever you are going, in the smart travel case that protects the lens and makes it easy to transport. Now you can have effective, professional or fun communication – no matter where you are.

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