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Huddly Canvas

A Smart Camera for creating and collaborating


Tools for Dispersed Teams

Teams no longer need to be in the same room to get things done. Canvas has been designed with an AI camera that makes it easy to use whiteboards in video meetings. Meeting participants can now create ideas and solve problems together, without needing to meet in one place.

Creativity Unlocked

Whiteboarding tools are great for unlocking participant creativity. Canvas makes this intuitive tool available to remote teams without requiring them to learn any new technology. For the best experience, it is integrated with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms.


Real-time Collaboration

Using AI on the camera, Canvas enhances the whiteboard image in real-time. Removing gloss and shadows, Canvas boosts marker colours, and hides people from the image. Ensuring that remote participants can see what’s on the board and be a part of the conversation.