Bringing a natural-listening experience for computer-based conferencing, to your smaller spaces
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Nureva HDL200

Audio conferencing technology for your smaller spaces

Centered around Nureva's trademark Microphone Mist™ technology, the HDL200 fills the room with up to 4,096 virtual microphones, purpose-built for small rooms up to 18′ x 18′ (5.5 x 5.5 m). Providing true full-room pickup in huddle rooms, small meeting rooms, and flex spaces.

Nureva HDL200

Smart design for smart conferencing

The HDL200 has been created to suit smaller more intimate spaces. The smart conferencing system was designed with a softened look in mind, using custom fabric coverings (available in a light tone and a dark tone) and rounded edges. With the addition of the built-in, configurable LCD gives you helpful information. Users will be able to know when the system is finished auto-calibrating straight from the off. During normal operation, you'll see call status and the time of day. With future room management integrations to come. The HDL200 is a smart conferencing system that looks as good as it sounds.

Simple setup

The flexible installation enables the HDL200 to fit around multiple room configurations, be it mounted on the wall, on a display, on a mobile stand - or almost anywhere and the addition of a camera mount simplifies attaching a video camera. With this level of flexibility, you're ready to grow with models for varying spaces, regular firmware updates, and centralized device management. The quick DIY installation, coupled with continuous autocalibration, and less troubleshooting lets IT departments to focus on more valuable tasks.

Scaling UC platforms

The HDL200 integrates with leading platforms, supporting Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Google™ Hangouts™, RingCentral, Fuze, Lifesize®, Intel Unite®, Panopto, a range of IFPs, your own smartphone and more. The integration of Unified Communications (UC) platforms, allows you to control your audio conference with ease and allows for smoother meetings from start to finish.

Up to 4,096 virtual microphones

With Nureva's trademark Microphone Mist technology, the HDL200 fills a room with 4,096 virtual microphones, providing true full-room audio pickup in smaller spaces.

Wall-mount installation

Quick and easy to install the all-in-one unit almost anywhere - on a wall, floor stand or display. Camera mount available. Virtually eliminating distracting table noise


Be prepared for any meeting. Plug and play, no setup or calibration is required meaning your meetings can be up and running in no time

Management platform

Nureva Console is a cloud-based platform that provides complete control over your Nureva audio conferencing systems across multiple locations, from a single, secure dashboard.

Sound masking

Nureva HDL200 Audio System optimizes each sound signal individually. Distracting background noises are minimised through a clever sound masking feature built-in. Hear only the sounds you want

Built-in display

A built-in display provides information relating to what the HDL200 is doing, making it easy to view auto-calibration status and call information with more features and integrations with room management systems coming soon.
Nureva HDL300

HDL300 Active Collaboration Tool

The nature of work is changing and many business meetings have remote participants who need to be fully contributing as if they were in the room. Meetings are morphing from passive events where information is consumed, to active collaboration sessions where teams create. People no longer want to be constrained to sitting at a meeting room table, facing a conference phone. The HDL300 system is designed precisely for this cultural shift.

The truly disruptive technology takes conferencing beyond simply sharing voices - it reduces listener fatigue as it boosts team collaboration. An idea can be voiced and heard from anywhere - the back of the room, in front of a display or even the other side of the continent. The systems resolve the frustrating and persistent issue of poor audio pickup, especially in dynamic meetings where participants move around the room.

Unlike other systems, there is no clipping as a new person begins to speak. Nureva's systems are uniquely equipped to capture those dynamic discussions and ensure remote participants never miss a word. The Microphone Mist technology means all participants are clearly heard regardless of where they are in the room or the direction they are facing.

Simply put, the HDL300 system is the most advanced audio conferencing solution ever created at a price point everyone can afford.

Control from a distance with Nureva Console

If you're a larger organisation, Nureva's cloud-based Console allows the management of multiple HDL systems across multiple locations from a single, secure dashboard. Whether working on Windows or Mac, this scalable system lets one person configure and maintain all HDL units, regardless of if you have 1 or 10,000. It's another tool that supports unnecessary movement around buildings, letting a central administrator check the status from anywhere they are basing themselves and means a minimal need for IT staff to visit meeting spaces.