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The first thing visitors want to know at reception is where to go. Wayfinding is made easy with digital signage. Organisations want to manage the flow and numbers. Facilitating and controlling visits is simplified with online desk booking and desk sensors. A smart welcome for all.
Ascentae Wayfinding
Future of work

Way Finding.

Once in the building, both staff and visitors can access wayfinding on digital signage – a simple way of providing route guidance to meeting spaces, ensuring no-one in the building takes a wrong turn! Wayfinding is a straightforward option for creating safe one-way systems around your premises.
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Visitor management.

Visitor management solutions allow staff to pre-register their visitors, so the receptionist can ensure the total number of visitors does not exceed the daily maximum. And more advanced systems can allow rapid sign in/out by scanning personal QR codes, with minimal screen contact. Pre-registering means that visitors can automatically be sent details about what to expect, and the host automatically notified, to avoid any unnecessary movement around the building.
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Mapping systems.

Mapping systems allow organisations to create live visibility of real-time desk occupancy and enable employees to find quiet areas/colleagues in the workplace. You can close off whole areas, floors, or even buildings, with advanced mapping solutions. Partner this with a booking solution, and spaces that are not suitable due to social distancing rules become invisible! This prevents the possibility of overcrowding, as only staff with a desk booked will be permitted to work in the office.
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