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The future of work

Large meeting room.

When arranging hybrid meetings, you’ll want a space that’s safe, flexible and up to the task. Data Driven Analytics and room sensors help you see what’s going on. Smart room booking systems ensure everything is good to go from the start. Exceptional sound-quality audio conferencing solutions provide a fully engaged and dynamic experience for all participants.
Future of work

Hybrid meetings

In the past it was typical to hold meetings with most people physically in the meeting room and one or two people joining remotely from home or other offices. A recent study conducted by Cisco indicated that 98% of meetings going forward will have at least one remote participant.

Data driven analytics

The commercial landscape has never moved so quickly, organisations must make tough decisions within a short timeframe. Senior leadership must be supported by adequate management information in order to make business-critical decisions quickly and with minimal risk. Collecting data analytics is the best option we have to see what’s really going on within the business and allow organisations to make data driven decisions that will ultimately form the foundation of the future workplace.

Room sensors

It’s more important than ever to create a comfortable workplace environment where hygiene and safety are consistently prioritised. High traffic areas will need to be monitored and the footfall will have to be staggered to allow for social distancing. Rooms sensors can be integrated into facilities management systems to allow organisations to collect data about incoming and outgoing traffic and alert individuals when an area has reached capacity.

Audio conferencing

One of the main issues with video conferencing is unwanted background noise. The rustling of papers, clicking of pens, and even sound leakage from other rooms, can be picked up and cause dissatisfaction for those listening in. And with the pandemic causing further challenges to organisations, such as having to comply with physical distancing and hygiene standards in meeting rooms and the need to wear masks, voice intelligibility is damaged still further. To resolve this, we recommend specific types of microphones that are designed to pick up only intended audio whilst rejecting unwanted ambient noises. This provides consistent, reliable, meeting room audio regardless of the size or configuration of the meeting room.
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Room booking

As we gradually return to work and require a more flexible approach to using workspaces, it will be vital for the majority of businesses to implement effective room booking solutions. Employees are likely to adopt more variable working patterns and will meet when necessary and potentially less frequently. So there will be a growing demand for real time solutions that enable employees to view availability and book meeting room spaces that meet their needs, as and when required. New technology now allows users to select a room that meets their requirements, with any additional equipment or services they need, in advance. Facilities managers need to manage room occupancy and adjust this over time. Room booking systems can help do this and can be integrated with room control and sensors to create a fully automated and streamlined experience. These solutions also provide a means to centralise fault management.
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