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    Discover how Nureva’s large-format interactive wall can create both the physical and virtual space you need to get more from your team processes. Now you can visualise every idea, see all of your information clearly and map every process with this insightful new interactive wall solution. 

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Taking paper-based processes into the digital age

Typical processes we see in businesses all over the world involve teams sticking post-it notes and paper on the wall to create a visual process that, whilst immersive, is very limited. From designers and architects to management consultants and software developers, when visual data is key, this has become a tried and tested method of teams’ collaborating and sharing ideas.

The Nureva Wall makes it easy for teams to collaborate on a scale that nurtures deeper engagement with content and with each other. Combine with the Span Workspace Software and it takes the paper tools businesses are used to – sticky notes, pencil sketches, flip charts – and transforms them into flexible digital versions to enhance the creative process.

The expansive virtual canvas of Nureva Wall can be used to share ideas and everyone can create, edit and organise their contributions in real time – whether they’re in the room or at any location around the world.

See the bigger picture

Transform any office space with an interactive wall that gives groups unprecedented room to work together more efficiently and effectively. Highly collaborative teams need space – to plan every step, align every individual and obtain every insight. Nureva’s Wall system can help you achieve precisely that. Everyone can see all information at a glance on the expansive, capacitive touch surface. Nureva Wall systems are optimised for Span™ Workspace Software but can be used with any Windows® application.

Size up your solution

Choose a solution that is the right size to shape your future collaboration needs. Businesses need flexibility when equipping their collaborative workspaces and Nureva Wall configurations can be as small as 7′ 6″ (2.30m) wide or as large as 30′ (9.14m) wide. They can span the length of the wall or be placed in a corner. You simply start with an HD ultra-short-throw projector and then add your selected projected capacitive touch surface. There are multiple configuration options so you can get the right fit for your business.

High-Performance Multitouch

On virtually any wall, in any space, regardless of wall type and lighting

Configuration Options

Combine multiple units to get a digital workspace tailored to your needs

Select a Size

Single: 7′ 6″ (2.29m), Dual: 15′ (4.57m), Triple: 22′ 6″ (6.86m), Quad: 30′ (9.14m)

Intuitive and Simple

Automated start-up experience through presence detection

Vision and Audio

Integrate Nureva Span Workspace Software and the HDL300 audio conferencing system for the ultimate collaboration solution

Promotes Participation and Interaction

Projected capacitive touch technology allows up to 20 simultaneous touches and low-latency inking

SSI Projector

Gain unprecedented space for collaboration with a full-HD 16:9 or an ultrawide 16:6 projector. Solid-state illumination offers 25,000 hours of carefree operation

Create your perfect set-up

The WM408i is a next-generation interactive wall that combines a high-definition ultra-short-throw projector with a projected capacitive multi-touch surface to create an expansive interactive working space that supports a wide range of collaborative processes and activities. The tightly integrated system delivers an advanced multi-touch experience in virtually any space, regardless of the wall type or lighting. The new solution also incorporates an automated start-up experience trough presence detection. Walls from 7′ 6″ (2.29m) to 30′ (9.14m) wide can be installed in side-by-side or corner configurations to create workspaces tailored to your individual needs.

Combine up to 4 Nureva Walls

The Nureva Wall is optimised for use with Span™ Workspace Software, but can also be used with any Windows® OS application. The solution simply requires a computer running Windows 8.1 or higher.

The Nureva Wall WM408i system includes:

  • A solid-state illumination (SSI) 1080p ultra-short-throw projector, featuring 3600 lumens in a unique 17:9 aspect ratio with an expected life of 25,000 hours, and integrated image alignment to support single and multisystem configurations
  • A 7′ 6″ (2.29m) wide (100″ diagonal) multitouch interactive surface, incorporating presence detection, a power on/off button and an interlocking feature to simplify multisystem installation

Up to four Walls can be combined to create a 30′ (9.14m) wide working space, with the most common configurations being two (15′ or 4.57m) or three (22.5′ or 6.86m) systems. Multiple walls can be installed side-by-side or in a corner.

Optimised for use with Span™ Workspace Software

Designed to provide businesses with more visual working space, the WM408i system addresses the growing demand for digital tools that directly support and accelerate structured processes such as agile, lean and design thinking. Collaborative processes often involve distributed teams that face the challenge of working together effectively in real time for multiple locations. The Nureva Wall with Span Workspace Software is ideal for distributed teamwork. It is further enhanced when paired with the Nureva HDL300audio conferencing system, which uses Microphone Mist™ technology to deliver a clear and natural audio experience.

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