Nureva™ Span™ takes students into the workplace

The Challenge

The teaching of industry-used business processes to university students demands a collaborative environment to demonstrate methods, develop solutions and tackle challenges. With a focus on nurturing transferrable skills, a prime objective for universities is to have curriculums and classrooms that reflect real-life working practices. So how can universities support the teaching of STEM subjects and help students gain a greater understanding of common business processes? Could technology provide the perfect platform and give students the vital skills to take them from college into the corporate world?

  • Create an immersive and interactive learning experience for business, IT and engineering students
  • Support educators teaching processes such as Agile, Scrum, Lean, Six Sygma and Kanban
  • Develop students' hands-on experience of using technology to solve problems and develop solutions


Business processes are a core part of the many specialist STEM courses. The right technological solutions will complement traditional teaching methods and improve student’s understanding of the subject matter. The technology can integrate easily into the existing university set up – the theoretical element of the module stays the same and the practical side will be brought to life as a familiar paper-based processes are digitised.

Prepare students for the modern workplace

The Nureva Span Solution

The Nureva™ Span™ visual collaboration system makes it easy for students to work together effectively and makes life easier for educators teaching business processes. The unique cloud-based solution provides an interactive digital canvas ideal for a university setting. With Span, the entire business process can be visualised, students can share content from any device, convert paper-based business templates and upload relevant images to become truly immersed in the method.

Business Processes

STEM subjects are a central plank in developing the UK’s skills base and the focus is on universities to nurture the next generation of business people. Methods such as Agile, Scrum, Lean, Six Sygma and Kanban are widely-used in all sectors and students can engage with these methods and develop life-long skills with the aid of digital collaboration technology. Any existing business process on the curriculum can be digitised using a solution specifically designed for collaborative learning.

How does it work?

  • The Nureva™ Span™ system creates a cloud-based collaboration space to streamline the process of developing solutions and problem-solving.
  • The expansive digital canvas can be accessed as easily on the walls as from any hand-held device.
  • Large interactive walls are created by the system’s panoramic SSI projectors – in either ultrawide 16:6 or full-HD 16:9 formats.
  • Canvases are automatically saved and can be easily exported at any time as PDF or Excel® files.

Why the Nureva Span System?


Project-heavy business topics demand a great deal of physical space, Span reduces that need and opens up an entire interactive area for learning. The university environment will mimic a real-life workplace with students collaborating and working through problems and educators keeping track of their progress. The intuitive solution is easy to use – it takes familar paper-based processes and transports them into the digital realm.

The content of STEM courses is ever-evolving and with a technological tool designed to meet the needs of students and educators, universities have a forward-thinking solution ready to support teachers and prepare students for the working world.

  • Collaborate using Smartphones and tablets, laptops, Chromebooks™ and other computers
  • All information in one cloud-based location. Canvases can be duplicated, making it easy to access earlier versions and track progress
  • Encourage critical thinking as students work together to define problems and devise solutions
  • Visualise methods and notes, intelligent templates and images to easily assess the process