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GoBright - Safely return to work and manage the Workplace | Webinar

The first in the Ascentae 'Return to Work' webinar series, 'GoBright - Safely return to work and manage the Workplace'.

Webinar 1 in the ‘Return to Work’ webinar series

Although Covid-19 has hit the fast-forward button on the rate of workplace change, it seems that the government has a clear will to get organisations back to work as soon as practically possible. With safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind, it’s equally evident that the need to socially distance in the office is not just a ‘back to work’ issue but is a long-term strategy. Government guidelines have clearly stated that workers must be kept 2m from others and consequently, there will be obvious challenges for which all types and sizes of organisations will be seeking solutions.

Watch an interview with Chris Wiegeraad from GoBright.

Even before COVID-19, the rate of workplace change was fast and there has been a growing need for solutions that enable flexible booking of desks, meeting rooms and visitor management.

Now that the UK is planning their return to work strategies we believe GoBright offer an essential part of the solution to create a safe working environment.

In this discussion you will learn:

  • Current workplace management market trends and hot topics
  • How GoBright can support a return to work initiative
  • How GoBright can be applied to the UK government guidelines
  • How you can expand GoBright in the future

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