Audio conferencing: Autocalibration saves time (and money)

AV/IT pros: A conference room microphone system that autocalibrates gives you the freedom to reconfigure your room and still get great pickup.

The Nureva™HDL300 audio conferencing systems (…) with Microphone Mist™ technology (…) autocalibrate. The HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems fill a room with thousands of virtual microphones controlled by an advanced processor that give you excellent pickup no matter how you rearrange a room. There’s no hassle and no technician to call. That saves you time and money. If your system doesn’t autocalibrate, changing the configurations of the tables and chairs in your meeting or conference rooms might have a big effect on performance. For example, if you’re using a beamforming system and it’s set up for a boardroom configuration, it won’t provide the same pickup if you change the room to a classroom style or a U-shape or an arrangement for small groups. As Suzanne explains in this video from the NurevaAudio File series, moving furniture means you’ll have to adjust and recalibrate your system.

That’s a big hassle –and an expensive one if you must bring in a technician. The HDL300 systems solve these problems,and they’re easy to install and easy to buy. Plus, they work with virtually all leading UC&C platforms, including Microsoft®Teams, Skype® for Business, Intel Unite®, Zoom, Cisco WebEx™, GoToMeeting™, StarLeaf and BlueJeans. Check out the video to learn more. And please let us know what you think by adding to the comments below. Book your live remote online demo at… #NurevaAudio #MicrophoneMist #HDL300 #CollaborationByDesign