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Room Solutions

Hybrid work in the modern Boardroom

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Room Solutions

Boardroom technology challenges in the hybrid workplace.

Most microphones can provide good pickup from 1-7m but large or XL boardrooms are longer than this. Usually, the final 3rd of the room where the key decision makers may be seated is uncovered. Additionally, 1 camera looking straight down the table means people block the view of the camera and those at the far end of the table are difficult to see.
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Whole room pickup required to capture discussion in the whole room.
Tables need to be clear of microphones and cables.
Ceiling installed systems are ugly and often difficult to make discreet.
Camera angle needs to change based on the position and direction of the active speaker.
If whiteboards or flipcharts are added, they will often be in the red area – how do remote participants see and is microphone pickup sufficient?
Whole room pickup ensure the active speaker is clearly heard regardless of seating position or direction they are facing – including the people at the head of the table.
Install cameras in up to 3 different positions in the room and automatically switch the camera based on the position of the ACTIVE speaker – enabling great video focused on the active speaker. PTZ cameras will enable “tight” shots of room participants or AI cameras will capture from different angles.
Use a camera focused on the whiteboard or flipchart to share live handwritten notes and drawings to remote participant.
If flipcharts or whiteboards are used whole room microphone pickup ensures they are clearly heard, and cameras can switch to the best angle for video.
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