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Room Solutions

Teaching and Learning challenges in the hybrid workplace.

Usually have 1 or more teachers, trainers or lecturers at the front of the room (in Blue zone) with rows of students or trainees. Although the blue area needs to be covered with microphone and camera technology challenges occur when students start to ask questions or multiple participant discussion occurs.
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Prioritisation required for audio but whole room pickup still needed for Q&A
May want unwanted noises to be eliminated from red area and will require control regarding when to allow audio from red area
Camera needs to be focused on blue area with speaker tracking but may need to switch to red area when discussion occurs

Often use whiteboards or flipcharts to draw – how do remote participants see?
Option 1 – use a wireless microphone to deliver in room voice amplification and send audio to remote participants. Wireless mic audio is automatically prioritised. Allows remote learners to ask questions and have natural 2-way discussion.
Option 2 – enable a prioritisation zone for the blue area but allow audio from red area to be heard when blue area is not in use. Allows remote learners to ask questions and have natural 2-way discussion.
Option to record all audio including 2-way discussions in room and from remote participants.
Install cameras in up to 4 different positions in the room and automatically switch the camera based on the position of the ACTIVE speaker – enabling great video focused on the active speaker.
Use a camera focused on the whiteboard or flipchart to share live handwritten notes and drawings to remote participant through UC platform.
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