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Up to 6 people

Meeting room technology solutions for up to 6 people.

Built for the small meeting room, this Alliance solution is the perfect solution for rooms of up to six people.
  • BYOD - Evoko Delo
  • Camera - Huddly S1
  • Audio – Nureva HDL200
  • PC Option 1 - MTR with Lenovo Core + Touch
    PC Option 2 - Zoom Room with Lenovo Core + Touch
    PC Option 3 - Valarea Room with Intel NUC or Lenovo Core
Possible upgrades
Evoko Delo
SMS Bracket options - wall floor stand
MAXHUB Raptor series all-in-one LED display
Nureva HDL200

Nureva HDL200

Available in black or white, the Nureva HDL200 ensures that audio from all participants is picked up and transmitted clearly to the far end, whilst it's built-in speakers provide crisp, clear audio. Unlike other audio systems, the Nureva HDL series is programmed to prioritise human voice over other noise, so you always hear what is important.
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Huddly S1 Camera

The Huddly S1’s hardware has been designed to ensure great video experiences in meeting rooms,with a wide-angle lens to ensure everyone is in view. Key features include:

People Counting - Know exactly how many people are in your meeting rooms.

Speaker Framing - A powerful new feature for immersive collaboration, focusing on the active speaker.

Insights Analytics API - Gain a greater understanding of how your meetings are being used with high-quality analytics data accessible via the Huddly InSights API.

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Huddly S1

Lenovo ThinkSmart Core or Intel NUC

Add smarter collaboration technology to yoursmaller meeting spaces with the ThinkSmartCore — ideal for spaces already have AV technology.

For MTR or Zoom Room configurations, the ThinkSmart Core includes a wired Touch Controller.
For Valarea configurations, the ThinkSmart Core is supplied without Controller, giving users the flexibility to create a system suitable for their room as Valarea support weird touch, wireless touch (Ios and Android, interactive screens) or plain old keyboard and mouse.

An Intel NUC system is also available for Valarea configurations, giving maximum flexibility to integrate with additional peripherals.

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Valarea, MTR or Zoom Room

Valarea provides a software platform for all your meeting room requirements. Supporting over 30 conferencing providers for 'One Touch Join', it empowers your meetings by breaking out of the silo of a single UC client, enabling you to communicate with whoever you want, on whatever platform you want to use. Sharing data is easy – either through a wired HDMI feed or through the built-in 8-way wireless sharing software.

Bring your own meetings using the free Valarea app for your mobile devices. Access your personal calendar to conduct meetings in the room.

Collaborate in-room and with remote participants using the Valarea whiteboard.

The benefits of an MTR configuration are well known. The leading choice for users who want to exist in the Microsoft Teams ecosystem, with a reliable, easy to use interface and a host of peripherals that have been certified by Microsoft.

Zoom users will prefer the simplicity and integration of the Zoom Room solution.

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