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All room audio pickup

Get full-room audio coverage in all your mid-sized spaces with a wall-mounted microphone and speaker bar. Microphone MistTM technology fills a room with up to 16,384 virtual microphones, so you can be heard anywhere.
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Nureva Audio
Nureva Microphone Mist

Up to 16,385 microphones

Nureva Audio solutions ensure that everyone in meetings, whether physically present or not, has reliable audio. No matter how far apart they are sitting, everyone can be heard thanks to full room audio pickup for rooms up to 15.2m x 9.1m with Nureva's patented Microphone Mist technology.
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Audio for any space

With most organisations shifting towards flexible working, meeting room design is becoming more activity focused.

Board room

This style provides a more corporate environment for sit down meeting activities. Clоѕе proximity between in room participants make these spaces suitable fоr shorter sessions involving open discussion, such as board planning and focus groups.
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Collaboration space

Smaller spaces with moveable furniture to facilitate more informal meetings, for ad hoc brainstorming and ideation amongst hybrid teams.
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Project rooms

Project rooms are often used to manage multiple moving parts in one place and should be designed to optimise in person movement around the space whilst ensuring remote participants can engage and interact with the project at the same time.
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Flexible multi-purpose spaces

This is a pretty versatile conference room style, perfect for intimate presentations with both remote and in person attendees, allowing multiple speakers to take turns whilst facilitating interaction and group discussion from the other participants. Ensuring everyone is seen and heard.
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