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GoBright desk booking

Check the occupation status of workspaces at a glance and book one within seconds. Simply login with your personal NFC-card or smartphone and the desk immediately adjusts to your personal sitting or standing height. Additionally, the smart app ensures that remote workers can book a workplace anytime and anywhere.

GoBright Desk Booking

Flexible desk use with GoBright

f you’re a home worker and need to come into the office, it’s important to know you can find a desk quickly so you can get straight to work. Better still is a bookable desk system near to colleagues you work alongside. Facilities managers on the other hand want to know that they’ve planned for the right balance between permanent desks and hot desks.
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GoBright Desk Booking

GoBright online desk selection

Now users can book a desk online so they can be sure they’ll have a space to work in. Even better they can plan to be near colleagues and can even identify the type of desk that best suits them – for example by selecting sit stand desks or adjusting the height. And users can save their preferences, so the desk is automatically adjusted for them when they log in again.

So, it’s great for users but it’s also great for Facilities Managers. They can monitor usage and make sure they plan more accurately for the space they need, so their budget goes further. It’s easy to plan and manage hundreds of desks in multiple locations. The GoBright platform gives you all of this and more.
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GoBright Software
GoBright Desk Booking

GoBright work. Desk Booking. Desk Management.

With this video you get to see GoBright's solutions for Desk Booking / Desk Management. It’s not only about booking desks and making the bookings transparent. Being able to find your desk easily, check in/out, and make sure unattended desks are automatically released, are all just as important.

Key Features

  • Visible Occupation
  • Smart App
  • Easy Login
  • Various Integrations
  • Personal Settings
  • Clear Analytics
  • Applicable Everywhere
  • Online Portal

NFC sticker

Check in via an NFC-sticker which can be easily implemented and provides direct visibility on mapping without the need to drill a hole in the desk. Compatible with iPhone 7 or later, or NFC enabled Android mobile phone.

Desk connect

GoBright Connect allow users to access personal presets sitting or standing height and other desk adjustability controls. With the ability to add sensors to allow users to check in/out automatically.

Desk cleaning

GoBright’s purple feature ensures desks turn purple after users check out. This function enables facility managers to identify which desks need to be cleaned. With only authorized personal being allowed to reset the table – after cleaning – to green (by using NFC or RFID card).

Mobile app

Check the availability of a desk in the easy-to-use app and book one within seconds. Locate a desk, find a colleague and view how busy the office is going to be, to influence which days they feel safe to attend the office. Additionally, use direct check in/out when partnered with Connect and NFC-sticker.

Desk sensors

Desk sensors offer automatic check in with detection on movement and temperature and offers anonymous occupancy measuring that can made directly visible on mapping. Which ultimately provide the organisation with real time, accurate analytics.

Desk glow

When users are in the office the GoBright desk glow also helps them to see at a glance which desks are occupied, and which are still available.


GoBright Mapping gives users a visual display of all the available meeting rooms and desks on each floor. They can see which desks colleagues have booked and choose a space that’s right for them.

Data driven analytics

Use detection for reliable data analysis to realize most efficient use of all desks. No shows belong to the past with data analysis that is 100% reliable. Now organisations can manage office space efficiently and empower facility managers to make the right interpretations of the use of assets for the future workplace.
GoBright Software
GoBright Software

The GoBright portal software

You can store all your licenses and user preferences in your portal. The portal integrates Digital registration with Active Directory and GoBright room booking. The portal also shows an overview of the number of people in the building at any one time making it a useful tool in case of emergencies.
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