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GoBright room booking

Complete room booking software with optional additions like Wayfinding, Room Control, Mapping and Room Sensors. Easily find and book the right room with the capacity to fit all your attendees and all the equipment you need.

GoBright Room Booking


There’s nothing more frustrating for a home worker than coming into the office and finding there are no meeting rooms available. You want to make effective use of your time when you go into the office so you can connect with colleagues, share ideas and make joint decisions. However, Facilities Managers want to get the best from the space they have and minimise the overhead involved in providing and managing meeting rooms so they can make effective use of budgets. This is where GoBright comes in.
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GoBright Room Booking
GoBright Room Booking

GoBright work. Desk Booking. Desk Management.

GoBright provides a centralised booking system which allows users – even those based remotely – to select the room they need and book it in advance. If they don’t need it, they can also cancel it immediately to free it up for other people. Everyone can see room availability in real time, so it allows for last minute changes to agendas. Better still the technology allows users to arrange everything else they need for the meeting such as catering, and any audio or visual equipment required. And Facilities Managers can see exactly how and when their meeting space is being utilised so they can optimise their office space and effectively manage their budgets.
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GoBright Room Booking

GoBright meet. Room booking. Room management

With this video you get to see GoBright's solutions for Room Booking / Room Management. Room Management is not just about booking a room. It is also about managing the rooms facilities and getting insights into the usage of all rooms.
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Key Features

  • Visible Occupation
  • Smart App
  • Multiple Languages
  • Various Integrations
  • Trendy Room Display
  • Clear Analytics
  • Two Free Skins
  • Easy Installation

Room control

Room Control allows meeting room users to view the remaining time of meetings and control the basic functions of the presentation display.

Room booking app

Users can find and book rooms anytime and anywhere from their mobile phone, using the GoBright room booking app. Better still, the app also lets users know when the time booked for the room is due to finish, so they can extend the booking if they need more time for their meeting.

Outlook plugin

The Microsoft Outlook calendar plugin allows users to choose the most suitable room for their meeting and organise room equipment and catering.

Smart sensors

Facilities Managers can ensure that booked desks are actually being used when they use GoBright desk detection. This uses smart sensors to detect movement and if the desk is unoccupied for a certain period of time the booking is automatically cancelled. This frees it up for someone that does need a space.
GoBright Software
GoBright Software

The GoBright portal software

You can store all your licenses and user preferences in your portal. The portal integrates Digital registration with Active Directory and GoBright room booking. The portal also shows an overview of the number of people in the building at any one time making it a useful tool in case of emergencies.
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