Nureva XT

Integrated solutions built for the extended classroom

Stay on track with the Nureva XT, the combination of a front of room speaker tracking camera solution which when used with Nureva audio solutions enables a high quality and simplified experience.

CV30 camera 

High-definition camera built for speaker tracking

Using the CV30 remote control, instructors can easily choose between three camera views and when auto-tracking mode is turned on, the camera naturally follows the instructor or anyone else presenting at the front of the classroom.

Additionally, with an 84-degree FOV the CV30 camera covers the entire front of the classroom, so remote students clearly see both the instructor and whiteboard.


  • A 33' (10 m) extended USB cable
  • A powered USB hub that connects all the USB devices enabling instructors to use the solution from their laptop with just one cable
  • A remote control that controls both the room audio system and the camera
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HDL300 audio system

Whole room microphone coverage in one powerful package.

Powered by Microphone Mist™ Technology, Nureva’s HDL audio conferencing solutions have the power to simultaneously process every audio source in a room and deliver the best quality sound for students in and out of the room, no matter where each is standing, how they move or what direction they are facing.

What does the XT offer?

  • Whole room audio coverage
  • Voice amplification
  • Integrated speakers
  • High-definition video
  • Powered USB hub
  • Nureva Pro premium services

Voice Amplification mode

Speaker tracking from the Nureva XT solution is further supported by the addition of Voice Amplification Mode, designed to work in typical classrooms and meeting spaces using the HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems.

Using a wireless headset and amplified in the room through the HDL300 speakers, providing in-class students with the added benefit of amplified teacher voice, and UCC sharing ensures the remote students continue to have a great listening experience.


Control from a distance with Nureva Console

If you have multiple classrooms to support, Nureva's cloud-based Console allows the management of multiple HDL systems across multiple locations from a single, secure dashboard. Whether working on Windows or Mac, this scalable system lets one person configure and maintain all HDL units, regardless of if you have 1 or 10,000. It's another tool that supports unnecessary movement around buildings, letting a central administrator check the status from anywhere they are basing themselves and means a minimal need for IT staff to visit learning spaces.