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Ditto, supporting your learning environment

Bring wireless content sharing and digital signage to the places you need it most — in class and around campus. Boost classroom collaboration, student engagement and information sharing at your K12 school or university.

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Ditto screen mirroring in higher education
Ditto for digital signage
Ditto in education

Educate and inform

Transform blank displays into engaging digital signs. Ditto displays educate and assist students, teachers and guests. Easily share information, push alerts and keep everyone up to date with digital signage on any screen.
Ditto in higher education
Ditto for digital screens

Share screens instantly

Ditto brings classroom collaboration to another level. Educators and students can instantly share their device screens wirelessly without the need for adapters or complex hardware. Simply by entering the on-screen room code into the Ditto Connect app on their device users can display digital signage when and where they need it, and it’s managed entirely from the Ditto Account Portal.
Ditto in higher education
Ditto for higher education

Use student and educator devices 

Don't be restricted by your devices. Ditto screen sharing is compatible with Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook and Android devices. It’s a perfect fit for school environments.
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Supporting your higher education institution


Emergency alerts

Quickly send emergency alerts to digital signage displays, sharing critical information on highly visible displays. Integrate Ditto with CAP alerts or send your own custom alerts.

Remote management

Manage digital signs across schools and campuses remotely. Deploy software, set signage schedules, view usage stats and more in the Ditto Account Portal.

Going wireless

Say goodbye to HDMI cables. Thinner laptops and mobile devices are quickly making cables and connectors obsolete. Ditto offers a wireless solution.

Flexible screen mirroring

Boost collaboration with multi-device mirroring. Screen mirror one device to many screens or many devices to one screen. Share one application or your entire device screen. Ditto is flexible to meet your unique needs.

Network security

School networks can be complex. Ditto crosses subnets and traverses restrictive or isolated school networks without the need of other network discovery services.


Ditto uses a direct connection between the sender and receiver. It doesn't transmit screen content or other personal data across the internet. Share screens with the peace of mind that sensitive student data is kept away from the wrong people.

Is it time to bring easy-to-use screen mirroring and engaging digital signage to your school or business?

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