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Helping you deliver trusted online legal services

Video collaboration mapped to your business processes.

Remote client meetings mapped to your case workflows

Ensure your client meetings reflect your legal processes, tracking against milestones and ensuring nothing is missed.

Transcribe, share & review with your team

Set-up pre-recorded questions for witness statements, invite other fee-earners to live meetings or to review previous client meeting calls, helping to train your junior staff. Share and collaborate on legal documentation easily.

Connect and communicate effectively

A simple user interface ensures an easy way to for your clients to connect. Neugo integrates with your existing phone and video conferencing tools and can link to your CMS.
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Enhance your online client meetings

Secure online legal consultations.

Neugo is an end-to-end remote meeting tool designed with Legal Services in mind that can operate stand-alone or can be added to your existing video conferencing.

Share client data and documentation securely, collaborating with your remote legal teams. Record and Transcribe client meetings or automate witness statement collection in one-way meeting interviews.
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Evolve your remote client meetings with Neugo

People are enjoying the benefits of remote-working to their workforce productivity and wellbeing. Video calling tools don’t look much different to 20 years ago, until now.

Simple, secure collaboration

Video calls that link to clinical workflows, easily sharing and collaborating with internal teams or external medical specialists

Faster, structured online client meetings

Drive efficiency in your online clinics with pre-built workflows, virtual waiting rooms and automated messaging to give your teams time back to care

Data-driven insight

Measure what matters, ensure regulatory compliance and monitor case-progress with easy-to-use reports. Filter, export, and drill-down on the data in a couple clicks.

Improve your legal communications with clients

It’s easier for your clients to meet you online securely. Store all legal documentation, notes and case history in one place or integrate seamlessly with your case management tools.

Integrate the tools you already use

Neugo maps to your existing legal workflows. Integrating with existing collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and document management we help you get greater value from your existing technology investments.

Set agendas that are appreciated

Structure your online legal meetings or even Company Board Agendas to drive efficiency, giving valuable time back to work on what matters.
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Our channel partners’ concerns revolve around finding differentiated technologies that will help them create solutions for their customers, designed to solve business and educational challenges. Ascentae recognises these challenges and focuses on identifying hand picked technologies that we believe tackle these questions and more.
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