Lean Software Development for the Digital Generation

The Challenge

One of the biggest hurdles for many organisations is transforming existing working practices and fostering the required culture of responsiveness needed for the Lean Software Development method. Adopting the method is only the first step. Translating the processes into a working environment means that businesses need to advocate adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, as well as encourage a rapid and flexible response to change.

  • Deliver a marked increase in quality and speed of project delivery
  • Reduce cost and complexity
  • Suport an integrated, efficient and cross-functional workforce
  • Create a highly collaborative, supportive working environment

The Method. Made in Manufacturing, Successful in Software Development

The method has brought great clarity and success to the global IT industry and is based on original lean manufacturing principles pioneered by Toyota, adapted for the software development domain. The term lean software development was first documented in a book written by Mary Poppendieck and Tom Poppendieck, which stated traditional lean principles, together with a set of 22 ‘tools’ that are compared to corresponding agile practices.

The conceptual framework is made up of different values and principles specific to software development under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organised, cross-functional teams.

Seven Principles

The conceptual framework is made up of different values and principles specific to software development under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organised, cross-functional teams. The seven principles are ‘eliminate waste’, ‘amplify learning’, ‘decide as late as possible’, ‘deliver as fast as possible’, ‘empower the team’, ‘build integrity in’ and ‘see the whole’.

The digital post-it notes

In lean software development, businesses tend to use paper-based templates and post-it notes to track status and progress. This has proved to be a challenge in the modern world with multi-site and multi-national businesses running multiple projects. Many forward thinking companies are exploring digital solutions to support their lean software development practices and provide the ultimate collaborative environment for their development teams

Design thinking

Nureva’s Span system helps software development teams to visualise their workflow as they collaborate and keep them on track and aligned, whether in the same office or distributed across the world. Span is the digital solution to sticky-note walls, providing walls of space on an industry-leading panoramic display with software an expansive digital workspace. Teams can interact, share and iterate ideas and even capture notes and images as artefacts that can be edited and manipulated on the canvas. As Span works in the cloud, team members can contribute from their own devices from any location and update the canvas in real-time.

Why the Nureva Span System?

Whether you’re a project manager, lean practitioner or software designer, Nureva’s Span can help businesses take the proven processes of lean software development into the digital age. Ideation thrives when teams have the benefit of persistence – the ability to see a lot of ideas and inputs simultaneously during the creative process and, with Span, the entire canvas and all its content can be viewed anytime, anywhere. It is lean software development for the digital generation. Helping businesses to ramp up the pace of development, improve decision-making and reduce costs.

  • Everyone can contribute – capture everyone’s ideas and input anonymously
  • Familiar tools – contribute ideas and information using notes, sketches, flip charts, text boxes, images, hyperlinks and templates
  • Time to contemplate and space to prepare – enrich collaboration through individual preparation
  • Easy to use – focus attention on the work, not the technology
  • Broad compatibility – work with all your applications and on any personal device you prefer or interactive display your own